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Migraines can cause debilitating chronic pain that’s often difficult to treat, but the Halo360® neurostimulation procedure can help. Interventional pain management physician Nameer Haider, MD, and the team OMNI Pain & Precision Medicine in Clinton, New York, were the first in the world to perform the Halo360 procedure®. Call or book an appointment online today to learn more about the Halo360 procedure® from the experts behind the research and development of this innovative technique.

Halo Procedure® Q & A

What is the Halo360 procedure®?

The Halo360 procedure® is a revolutionary migraine treatment that provides superior pain relief with a minimally invasive approach. Dr. Haider and his team at OMNI Pain & Precision Medicine developed the Halo360 procedure® to provide long-lasting relief to those who suffer from severe and chronic migraine headaches.

How does the Halo360 procedure® work?

Halo360 uses neurostimulation, a technique that’s successfully treated chronic pain for about 50 years. The procedure involves implanting 32 tiny electrodes in a halo formation around your head. The electrodes stimulate certain nerves, which disrupts the transmission of pain signals.

How do I know if the Halo360 procedure® is right for me?

Before fully implanting a Halo360 system, the team at OMNI Pain & Precision Medicine conducts a trial procedure. This procedure involves implanting temporary, micro-fine neurostimulators around the painful areas of your head.

The neurostimulators deliver electrical impulses that you control with an external monitor. The trial lasts for seven days. After that, you know whether the neurostimulation effectively relieves your migraine pain.

What happens during a Halo360 procedure®?

If the trial run was successful, the team at OMNI Pain & Precision Medicine proceeds with the permanent placement of the neurostimulators. They implant ultra-fine wires around your head and attach them to a tiny, microprocessor computer that usually gets placed in your lower back. 

The wires and microprocessors are under your skin so no one can see them. The wire around your head contains 32 tiny electrodes that block pain signals from 12 separate nerves. 

The team at OMNI Pain & Precision Medicine uses your personal migraine profile from the trial run to program the microprocessor. This allows the Halo360 system to intercept headache pain signals from the nerves and replace them with soothing waves of energy.

What is the recovery like after a Halo360 procedure®?

Most people return to work and normal activities within a couple of days after a Halo360 procedure®. Because the whole system lies beneath your skin, you charge and maintain the simulator without wires. No one can tell you have it.

For cutting-edge pain relief with the Halo360 procedure®, call OMNI Pain & Precision Medicine or book an appointment online today.